New to Wyoming

Changing Out-of-State Plates to Wyoming

You will need your out-of-state registration! If you do not have it, contact the department where you registered the vehicle for a copy.

If your out-of-state plates are NOT expired, or are less than 30 days expired:  Bring the registration to the Treasurer’s Office and we will issue you license plates the same day. 

If your out-of-state plates are more than 30 days expired: You must first change the title to a Wyoming title. Contact the Clerk’s Office at (307) 328-2668 for more information on transferring the title. Once this is done, bring your expired registration to the Treasurer’s Office and we will issue you plates.

Give us a call at (307) 328-2633 for an estimate on registration fees. 

Click here for an explanation on how fees in Wyoming are calculated.

Working in Wyoming Temporarily

If you are only in Wyoming temporarily, you have a few options; you can either pay for a temporary worker permit, or pay the annual registration fee for Wyoming license plates. Depending on how long you will be working in Wyoming and the type of vehicle you drive, sometimes paying for one year of registration fees and receiving license plates can be cheaper than a temporary worker permit, even if you won’t be here for the entire year. If you choose to do this, you do not have to surrender your out-of-state plates.

Driver’s License

Treasurer’s offices in Wyoming do not issue driver’s licenses. Contact the Rawlins Department of Transportation at (307) 328-4102, or visit the Wyoming DOT website for more information.