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Carbon County Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)- as of 1/21/2021 @ 3pm

In  Carbon County there are  1,046 Laboratory Confirmed Cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

  • Number of lab confirmed cases in the past 24 hours: 22
  • Number of Active Lab Confirmed Cases: 38
  • Rate of lab confirmed cases: 7068 per 100,000 residents
  • Number of probable cases: 83
  • Total number of cases recovered: 1071
    • Lab confirmed: 992
    • probable: 79
  • Total number of COVID-19 related deaths: 17

There are 15,331 resulted COVID-19 tests from Carbon County. 

WPHL Tests:


Non-WPHL Tests:


Percent Positive: 5.67%

PLEASE NOTE: Positivity data shown here is based on number of resulted tests. Some cases may have multiple positive results so testing numbers will not match case counts. Tests are included in the county of residence for the patient, not the county where the test was completed.

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43,041 - Lab Confirmed Cases 
41,040 – Lab Confirmed Cases Recovered

7383 -  Probable Cases
6924 - Probable Cases Recovered  

550 – COVID-19 related deaths 

Testing Numbers

Weekday updates at 3 p.m. Weekend/holiday updates at 9 a.m. 

Tests completed at Wyoming Public Health Laboratory: 167,561
Tests reported by commercial labs: 406,307

(Commercial labs are required to report positive test results to WDH; negative results are not reported consistently.)

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CCPH Status- Updated- June


January 21, 2021

CONTACT: Michael Pearlman, Communications Director


Health Orders Eased as COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts Continue


CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Governor Mark Gordon announced that health orders are continuing to ease, reflecting improvement in Wyoming’s COVID-19 situation since the beginning of December.  The latest change is to increase attendance limits for indoor and outdoor gatherings as the state continues to make progress in its fight against COVID-19.

Beginning on January 26, indoor gatherings that incorporate social distancing and face coverings are permitted for up to 25 percent of capacity or 250 persons, and outdoor gatherings of up to 500 persons. 

“Wyoming is making progress and coming closer to safely returning to more normal lives, and the steps we have taken are helping us achieve this,” Governor Gordon said. “I am confident that as our vaccination rate increases, the data-driven approach we are taking and our improving circumstances will give us more opportunity to further relax our orders.”

Counties can still opt out of the requirements if local conditions move to safer levels in accordance with White House metrics. Health officials will continue to consider exemption requests for specific events on a case-by-case basis.

On January 21, Wyoming hospitals were reporting 81 hospitalized COVID-19 patients, down from a peak of 247 on November 30. Health officials remain concerned about the new, more transmissible “UK variant” of COVID-19 identified in Teton County last week. Currently authorized COVID-19 vaccines are believed to be effective against the UK variant strain.

Wyoming’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts continue, with most counties in phase 1b of the phased distribution plan. Wyoming vaccine distribution information can be found at

The updated health orders, along with additional information on Wyoming’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts, can be found on Wyoming’s COVID-19 website. Copies of the orders, which are effective January 26 through February 14, are also attached.


Effective Immediately for Carbon County Residents:

Public Health Order 2020-002_ 11/17/2020
For Immediate Release
Contact: Jacquelin Wells
Good Afternoon,
County Health Officer, Dr. Wayne Couch with approval from State Health Officer, Dr. Alexia Harrist and the State’s Attorney General’s office have issued a County Public Health Order requiring all adults within Carbon County, Wyoming, to wear face coverings in certain places open to the public, with exceptions until December 4th, 2020. Dr. Wayne Couch explains:
“In response to the COVID 19 Public Health Emergency, we are issuing a Carbon County Wide Mask Mandate.  Hospital bed space, and ICU and critical care beds in particular, have now reached critical shortage levels in Wyoming and throughout the region. This order will require all adults to wear a face covering, covering the mouth and nose, when in public.  The Coronavirus that causes COVID 19 is spread through tiny invisible droplets that enter the air when we breathe out, cough, sneeze, or touch surfaces.  Before this pandemic, it was established fact that wearing a mask prevented the spread of many types of disease, which is why doctors have worn them while performing surgery for well over 100 years.  We now have very credible scientific research from a study done at the University of Kansas that shows that wearing a mask specifically decreases the rate spread of COVID 19.  This Public Health Order is intended to curb the spread of this serious disease, but will not eliminate the spread.  However, we must do everything we can to slow the rate at which this disease is spread to allow as many people as possible to receive treatment and survive. The decision to implement this order was reached collectively by all of the Wyoming County Health Officers, and supported by the medical staff of Memorial Hospital of Carbon County, Public Health Nursing, The Board of the Wyoming Medical Society, and the Wyoming Hospital Association.”
All members of the public, except for minors must wear a face covering outside their home or other place of residence in the following situations:
            When any person is inside, or in line to enter, any retail or commercial business, or any government facility open to the general public; including county and municipal buildings; or
            When any person is obtaining services at, or visiting healthcare operations, including, but not limited to, hospitals, clinics, and walk- in health facilities, dentists, pharmacies, blood banks, other healthcare facilities, behavioral health providers, and facilities providing veterinary and similar healthcare services for animals; or
            When any person is waiting for or riding on public transportation or paratransit, or while they are riding in a taxi, private car service, shuttle, tour, or ride-sharing vehicle. The driver shall also wear a Face Covering when passengers are in the vehicle.
A face covering is not required if the person is a minor, however minors three years and older are encouraged to wear face Coverings. Minors age two years or younger should not wear a Face Covering.
Superintendent of Carbon County School District #1, Mike Hamel states “This order does not alter previously adopted protocols in place in Carbon County School Districts One or Two”.
The fully signed orders are attached below.
If you have any further questions about COVID-19, please contact Carbon County Public Health at 307-328-2607 (8a-12p; 1p-5p; Monday through Friday).
Jacquelin Wells RN, MSN, PHNA-BC
Public Information Officer
Carbon County COVID-19 Team

Mask Up Wyoming Mandate

Public Health Orders Updates-12-9-2020

The saliva test is administered by Vault Health and allows residents to get results at home without needing to visit a healthcare provider. Wyoming has purchased 75,000 tests and could obtain additional tests if needed. The program will supplement currently available testing options that include private healthcare providers, hospitals, and some pharmacies. The governor is using Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funds for the testing program. The White House has said expanded testing will greatly improve Wyoming’s ability to track the epidemic, particularly when activities move back indoors. “This at-home, non-invasive testing option is another tool to help Wyoming slow the spread of this virus,” Gordon said. “It’s one more way we can help protect our vulnerable populations, keep businesses open, and make sure our hospital beds are available to those who need them.” More information about Vault testing is available at a dedicated Wyoming Department of Health web page. The $150 testing fee is waived for all kits shipped to a Wyoming address and all shipping is prepaid. The saliva is collected during a supervised, online telehealth visit with a Vault test supervisor, which requires an internet connection. Results are reported within 48 hours of when your sample arrives at the lab.