Predator Management District Board

Predator Management District Board

Whitney Merrell (Secretary)

Phone: 307-797-0558
705 Kendrick Street
Rawlins, WY 82301

10 Member Board / 3 Year Terms / Elected (Except Sportsmen and At Large) / Appointments for Sportsmen and At Large made by the Board of Carbon County Commissioners.

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MemberTerm ExpirationPosition
Scott KerbsDecember 31, 2022Elected Sheepmen (Vice-Chairman)
Will HudsonDecember 31, 2022Elected Cattlemen
Roger CoxDecember 31, 2023Appointed Sportsmen
John EngstromDecember 31, 2023Appointed Sportsmen
Josh PetersonDecember 31, 2023Elected Cattlemen (Chairman)
Gerald SteeleDecember 31, 2023Appointed At Large
Sharon O'TooleDecember 31, 2023Elected Sheepmen
John HansenDecember 31, 2024Elected Cattlemen (Treasurer)
Robert O'ConnellDecember 31, 2023Appointed Sportsmen
J. StrattonDecember 31, 2024Elected Cattlemen


View the bylaws (PDF).

To ensure this is the most recent version of the bylaws please contact the board.