County Treasurer

Patricia Bentsen is the Carbon County Treasurer.

Future Tax Rate Changes

Future Tax Rate Changes: Pursuant to WS. 39-15-207(c) and 39-16-207(c) notice is given of the following future tax rate changes. Effective with the tax return quarter beginning October 1, 2019 there will be the following sales, use and lodging tax rate changes in Wyoming. Effective October 1, 2019 the sales/use tax rate in Carbon County will increase to 6% as the voters approved a Specific Purpose Option Tax. The combined sales, use and lodging tax rate in Carbon County effective October 1, 2019 will be 8%.

2019 Carbon County Tax Online Payment Update

Please take notice that, baring any complications, as of October 1, 2019 you will have the ability to pay property taxes online. Visit Tyler Technologies website after that date to view the new payment option.

Tax Levies

The following sheets list state, county and other tax levies for each year.

2019 Tax Levies (PDF)

2018 Tax Levies (PDF)

2017 Tax Levies (PDF)

2016 Tax Levies (PDF)

2015 Tax Levies (PDF)

2014 Tax Levies (PDF)

2013 Tax Levies (PDF)

2012 Tax Levies (PDF)

2011 Tax Levies (PDF)

2010 Tax Levies (PDF)

iTax Online Tax Information

View or search for your property tax information.

Vehicle Licensing

Before trying to license your vehicle, please check with the County Clerk’s Vehicle Titles office for title information necessary for issuing a title.

Motor Vehicles Department

Tax Office