Board Vacancies, Application & Mileage Reimbursement

The Board of Carbon County Commissioners is soliciting interested persons to apply to serve on the following board:

BAGGS SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL DISTRICT – Two 3-year terms ending August 2026. Must reside in the district and be a qualified elector of Carbon County.


PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION – One unexpired 3-year term ending November 2024, One 3-year term ending November 2025 and One 3-year term ending November 2026. One must reside in unincorporated Carbon County.

SARATOGA-CARBON COUNTY IMPACT JOINT POWERS BOARDOne 3-year term ending July 2026. Must be a qualified elector Carbon County.


UPPER PLATTE RIVER SOLID WASTER DISPOSAL DISTRICT – Three 3-year terms ending August 2026. One must be a resident Riverside, another must be a resident of Saratoga and One At-Large resident of the District.


Applications are available online at under the Boards and Commissions tab, via e-mail to, or by contacting the County Clerk’s Office.       


Applications are due to the Clerk’s Office by Wednesday, August 9, 2023.  Applicants may be interviewed.

Board Application

Please view, download or print the Board Application (PDF).

Board Mileage Reimbursement Plan and Form

Please view, download or print the Board Mileage Reimbursement Plan and Form

The Carbon County Weed and Pest Control Board requires submission of a Landowner Petition with the Board Application. Please view, download or print the petition (PDF).