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Step Up
Step Up
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Empowering Teen Choices

Instructors:  Amanda Brown RN, BSN, FCN
                       Danielle Bangs RN
                       Ranae Johnston RN
                      Jacquelin Wells RN, MSN, CLC, ANLC, LCCE                     


  • To instill a sense of confidence within teens in order for them to make educated decisions about their sexual health. 
  • To provide support and education to parents of teens in how to discuss sexual heath appropriately with their child. 
  • To create a safe, unbiased, respectful, supportive and educational opportunity for teens to discuss sexual health. 
  • To provide key concepts about comprehensive sexual health education including: human development, healthy relationships, personal skills, sexual behavior and health, and society and culture. 

Overview of Program:

  • Implement a four-session, age appropriate curriculum based of recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Advocates for Youth. 
  • Provide parents of adolescents’ in 6th grade, with a quarterly newsletter that provides tips on discussing sex with their teen. 
  • Curriculum to augment current health teaching already in place within the school district.
  • Teach the 4 R’s. 
    • -Right Person
    • -Right Time
    • -Right Place
    • -Right Support   

Short Term Goals: 

  • Implement a pilot comprehensive sex education program for teens starting in the 6th  grade
  •  Receive parent and school district input and feedback on the program to better mold it to the community needs of Rawlins. 

Long Term Goals: 

  • Decrease the amount of teen pregnancy and STD rate by 10% within 5 years.
  • Increase the program to include more grade levels.
  • Improve the health of our community by increasing community partnerships and stakeholders
  • Implement this program in other Wyoming communities

Importance of Sex Education

The changes in sexual attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyles that have taken place in our society present parents and children with some of the most complex issues they will ever confront.

The need for a comprehensive sex education program has never been greater. Today, more than ever, parents, schools and communities should seek ways to work in partnership to provide that education.

Experience tells us that most parents want to talk openly with their children about sexuality, yet often feel ill-prepared to do so. When to start? What to say? How to best express the family values you want so much to share with your children? These are but a few of the issues surrounding family communication about sexuality. 

Step-Upconsists of two parts: a comprehensive sex education curriculum for teens starting in 6th grade and a quarterly parent newsletter. Each newsletter will contain relevant, age-specific sexuality information, useful strategies, communication hints, and suggested resources to support parents in their efforts. 

The Step-Upcurriculum is meant to augment what the school is already teaching the children. The 4 sessions are each based on helping your child know their 4 rights: 

  • Right Support: Being able to find a trusted person you feel comfortable talking to about uncomfortable topics such as sex and relationships.
  • Right Person: Am I able to choose a mature and trustworthy person to have a relationship with and do I portray a mature and trustworthy person in their eyes?
  • Right Time: What are my values regarding sex and relationships? When is the right time for me to engage in intimate activity?
  • Right Place: Am I at a place in my life where I can handle the consequences of my sexual behavior?

Parents have a unique role as the primary sexuality educator of their child.

In conjunction with Carbon County School District #1 and Public Health, we believe we can help reduce the incidence of teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections. 
Family/Community based sexuality education can:

  • allow for the sharing of family values
  • provide accurate information to children
  • build effective decision-making skills
  • counteract negative and exploitative sexual messages in the media


Our commitment to children and families leads us to join in partnership with you in pursuit of these important goals. You are welcome to contact us if there is any further assistance we can provide at 328-2607.

Candice Frude RN, BSN, CLC, 2014


The Step UP Curriculum was Successfully Implemented at Rawlins Middle School
Candice Frude's hard work has finally paid off! In May 2015, Carbon County Public Health implemented the Step Up curriculum at Rawlins Middle School. The class was successfully taught to 107 RMS students with their parents permission.

Thank you for the continued support!

Please click on link to view results for the 2015 school

Carbon County, WY
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