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Posted on: June 1, 2021

Official County Seal Contest Winner

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At its June 1, 2021 meeting, the Board of Carbon County Commissioners selected this seal as the Official County Seal for Carbon County out of 21 entries. This seal was submitted by Bobbie Herman of Elk Mountain. The seal will be professionally reproduced and incorporated into the newly renovated commissioners meeting room at the Carbon Building - Courthouse Annex in 2022, used on the county’s website and elsewhere. 

As part of the contest, each contestant provided a descriptive explanation of each of the design elements presented in their seal submission. 

Mrs. Herman submitted the following: 

“For the seal, I chose to use an old-fashioned design because Carbon County is so rich in history. The hand drawn lettering and use of stippling to shade represents that historic sense that you feel in this county. The eagle sitting atop the outline of the county represents the freedom that we all so fiercely believe in and enjoy here. The banner in the eagle’s beak contains the date that Carbon County officially became a county. Inside the county lines are the images that not only represent our livelihoods, but our heritage and ways of life. The train tells the story of our past and our present. Without it, Carbon County would not exist. From the building of it, to transporting cattle and coal, the railroad and trains have been the backbone of our county. The coal bucket, pick and shovel represent the coal industry that sustained Carbon County for decades. I chose to make it small because, unfortunately it appears to be in our past. The refinery, pumpjack, and wind turbine represent current industry and so many jobs that support our families right now. I hesitated on the wind turbine, to be honest. I don’t like what they do to our view scape, but I had to recognize the importance they play in our world right now. The cowboy and cow represent our agriculture industry. It is as old as the county itself. The sheep represents a huge part of our past and a much smaller part of our present, but not to be forgotten for the impact on our county. The elk and mountains represent our strong hunting and recreation aspect. Our wide open spaces full of wildlife and our mountains full of fresh air have convince many to call Carbon County home. The trees in the mountains represent our lumber industry. Not as strong as it once was, but still survives. These images cross their boundaries into other areas to represent how it all works together to create our county. These images represent more than our industry. They represent our people. We may have different jobs, but who we are crosses those boundaries and creates a picture that works for us.”

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